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Filming and screaming

Today my class and I have been filming our video for the ball. At the end you an say that we have be... weiterlesen
6.10.12 19:16


filming and screaming 2

Totally forgot. I wanted to ask what some of have done for your ball?Now really :Bye-byeJosy... weiterlesen
6.10.12 19:19

Saying thanks

Saying thank you to someone who you barely know and for something unimprotant like offering you a se... weiterlesen
8.10.12 16:33

Be lazy!

Today it´s Friday and I am doing nothing. I am sitting around in my jogging clothes watching T... weiterlesen
12.10.12 16:48

Weight problems- Hooray

Isn´t it great that women gain weight so easily? If we wouldn´t do that we would have ti... weiterlesen
14.10.12 15:35

Tv and computer challenge!

From today Monday I will not watch Tv or use the internet until Sunday evening. I want to do this be... weiterlesen
15.10.12 14:05

2nd day of no Ty and computer

It is pretty easy to not use watch Tv or surf as long as you have something to do. But when there is... weiterlesen
16.10.12 16:54

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