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My brandnew first post

Hello guys or hello internet, because actually I don´t think that a lot of human beings will read my first ever blogpost.

First I want to introduce myself to you or better my website, because you will get to know me anyway after some time. The theme of this blog as you can probably tell by the title is Life and in paticular my life. But I don´t want to tell what I have done each day like "Today I will eat pizza",no, not like that. It is more a "how to deal with life and its implications, because there are a lot".

What is more I want to use this blog as a motivation for myself. That might sound egoistic( and it is), but I need someone (which means you) to motivate and push me. I would love to do some challenges, which are difficult to me and maybe you too. For example writing a blog. Afterwards I would write about my experience and my fears and why I did it although. Unfortunately I am not a very brave girl so there are a lot of things that frighten me.

Well I stop now, because it is already a pretty long post, but you see nobody is perfect and by the way my name is Josy.


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