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Saying thanks

Saying thank you to someone who you barely know and for something unimprotant like offering you a seat is easy. I tgets more complicated if you have to say thank you to someone who you know, but who isn´t really your friend. What should give such a person as a thank you for , because you have to give him something to be polite and not rude or mean. Of course you can´t ask him right away, because that would totally ruin the surprise, but if you get th wrong thing it turns into a horrible and embarassing situation. It would be even worse if you get him or her something too huge for the occasion and you realize that at the moment you give it to him or her. Now nobody knows what to say or do and you want to vanish. So what the hell can you do?

As you can probably tell I am in such a situation. And now I am going to buy a huge bar of milka chocolate, because I am not original or creative or especially good when it comes to a "thank you "



8.10.12 16:33


filming and screaming 2

Totally forgot. I wanted to ask what some of have done for your ball?

Now really :Bye-bye


6.10.12 19:19

Filming and screaming

Today my class and I have been filming our video for the ball. At the end you an say that we have been running through the wood screaming either of anxiety or joy. It was atually really funny to scream with twenty other people in a wood.

I am really looking forward to our omplete video, but it´s going to take a little bit more time, because the screaming is not going to be the whole film. I am so excited. Doing something together with friends and having a project is like the best thing in the world. i hate it when I have nothing to do.

Bye bye


6.10.12 19:16

That age!

You know that age. Everyone in  paticular your parents is annoying you and by every word you sometimes feel your head is going to explode. You hate yourself for being rude and selfish, but you can´t help it and then you explode, screaming at your loved ones for nothing and knowing that at the same moment. Few minutes later you regret every stupid word that came out of your mouth and you wish you could take it back. It´s that kind of age where everyone says that they are different and aren´t goning to act mean and egoistic, but in the end we all do it. That´s puberty!



28.9.12 22:04

Why do I not like Katniss?

If you don´t know the hunger games I wrote a short really short summary, if you know them just skip this part: It is a triologie of this land called Panem which is reigned by the capitol and their president Snow. The so called hunger Games is a play where each of the 12 districts of Panem send on tribute of each sex. They have to fight agfainst each other in this huge arena, build by the capitol, til only one is left. When Katniss and Peeta of district 12 are send to the hunger games it starts kind of a revolution.

Now the big queastion is :Why do I not like Katniss? She is described as such an adorable and loyal person, who gives up everything for her loved ones, but I somehoe just can´t stand her. I have to say that this dislike wasn´t there until the last book. But, really? She is always difficult to handle and I am sorry to say that a bit egoistic. The way she treats Gale and Peeta ( they love her) is horrible. It´s like a mind game an dI feel so sorry for them. Sometimes I am hoping that one of them will stop loving her. I tink she would deserve it.

Sorry if I am too mean, but I can´t change it. Sometimes or seldomly you don´t like a person without a real reason. Well I do that, but I hope that I am not the only one...

That was a totally random post


26.9.12 20:20

Two people

I have just realized that two people have actually been on my website. Jippie!

Actually I haven´t told any of my friends that I started writing a blog, so they have been there without any influence of mine.




23.9.12 17:45

Scared bunny

On Friday I have done something that I have never done before and it was porbably the most bravest thing I have done last week. As I introduced this website I have told about those challenges I want to make, so I decided that this is going to be my first.

Unfortunately it´s pretty non exciting at all except for me, but hey there may ( and I hope so) be other people who think of this with the same fear that I had.

I could easily lie to you and say that I was bungee jumping or something else that is more dangerous then that what I did. Although pretty much everything seems to be more dangerous. Wll without further a do I tell you now: I drove illegaly with the train. Don´t be too shocked!  (That´s ironic)

I know it sounds very weak and you are probaly thinking "That´s not a challenge", but I am not that kind of person who does that just so. I am thinking that all those workers from the train company are paid by me and if twenty people don´t pay then they might get a worse salary. That´s the same reason why I don´t do shoplifting. Of course it seems to be easy and surely no one will notice if there is a chewing gum missing, but if fifty people steal something the owner of the shop might get a problem.

I don´t want to preach, but I couldn´t help throwing that out there.





23.9.12 17:42

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