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Doing things like school work or any other kind of work on time is always a stressfull situation. You make preparations how you could make it on time without getting stress but let´s be honest we always put it to the next day, which is horrible. Life would be half as hard if we would just do what we are supposed to do now. So why is that such a hard thing?Are there any secret tips and tricks that I don´t know?

What I am going to do now is doing everything right away. By that I don´t only mean doing my work, but also all the other things I reschedule on later. Like jogging and doing my workout or learning how to play the guitar and painting the picture I have in my head since two months.

Wish me luck I will need it , because self discipline is not my greatest strenght .



29.9.12 08:59


Gorgeous looking nails

Once again I was strucked by the high quality and inventive looking of Catrice nail polishes. For about three euros you get a beautiful coloured nail polish in a pretty big pot. If you compare that to other high end brands you won´t see any difference. Therefore I have to say that I bought myself A Chanel nail polish once in the colour Black Pearl. It should be like a treaty for me, but it turned out really difficult to handle. You have to make at least two coats and top lack, because without that it wouldn´t even last one day. What is more the brush is in a horrible shape so it always looks like you have done your nails the first time in your life and blindfolded. Wherelse the Catrice brush has a perfect shape so it´s easy to stay in place. I don´t really get it why a twenty euro nail polish is worse than a three euros nail polish. Just because it´s a Chanel it can´t be a higher prize. That´s ridicolous!

So for the future I will only buy Catrice nail polish, because the prize-achievement comparison is not anything else than amazing!



20.10.12 16:09


I could tell you that I managed the whole week without TV and appear disciplined, but I failed. Today (Thursday) I was alone at home and had nothing to do and so I turned on the TV after a long fight with myself. Well the fight wasn´t that long However i am going to try it again next week and hopefully I won´t fail again, but hey you learn by your mistakes. that´s what the always say. There is a quote of someone I can´t remember now but it goes like this:

" If i could life my live again I would make the same mistakes, only earlier so I can make even more of my life."

I really liked that quote and want to share it. It is appropriate for nearly every situation and I try to live by that. so next week I will do something every day so I don´t even get the chance to get bored. Let´s see how it works



18.10.12 22:08

2nd day of no Ty and computer

It is pretty easy to not use watch Tv or surf as long as you have something to do. But when there is nothing left to do the couch seems more and more seductive so I made MUFFINS for me and some friends. They were my first ones and I am proud of myself that they turned out so well. I don´t know if there are supposed to get soo big, but they look more impressive than the little ones.

I am going to eat another one now. Buon appetit!



16.10.12 16:54

Tv and computer challenge!

From today Monday I will not watch Tv or use the internet until Sunday evening. I want to do this because I realized that a lot of time is spend on watching Tv and surfing through the internet. I would like to find out how it would be without those two things. So goodbye Grey´s anatomy and Desperate Housewives. Farwell fleurdeforce, juicystar07 and Jim Chapman (youtubers) I will see you again next week!



15.10.12 14:05

Weight problems- Hooray

Isn´t it great that women gain weight so easily? If we wouldn´t do that we would have time to spend on things we actually like instead of running around for one hour because we couldn´t resist the chocolate bar. Isn´t it amazing that there are three thousand diets and each one promises to be the best. "Lose three chilos in two weeks" "Lose five chilos in one week" "Lose ten chilos in two weeks" at the end of those so called perfect diets, well if you manage to make it to the end and didn´t had a backlash, you will feel exhausted and horrible. If the diet actually worked you will have those "forever lost chilos" back in no time and feel bad again. Not to forget all those great workouts which promise you a super model body and the only thing you get is pain in each of your muscels.

Why is beauty nearly always connected with your weight? My weihgt does not have any influence on my soul or my character? is it really only important to wear size XXS?


Happily there are people like Beth Dito or Adele with normal figures who are seen as beautiful. I am asking myself why such curvy figures, that every woman has are never seen as pretty??



14.10.12 15:35

Be lazy!

Today it´s Friday and I am doing nothing. I am sitting around in my jogging clothes watching Tv or surf through the internet.

I love those days. I think you just have to do nothing once in a month. You know those people who always haev somthing on their to-do list, usually I am one of those, but sometimes I give myself a whole day off. No work, no thinking of weight or school or anything else , but me.

Honestly I would never manage anything if I don´t have such days. I hope that you also give yourself some time to rest and forget all your duties and problems, because it gives you strentgh and new power.



12.10.12 16:48

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