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Why do I not like Katniss?

If you don´t know the hunger games I wrote a short really short summary, if you know them just skip this part: It is a triologie of this land called Panem which is reigned by the capitol and their president Snow. The so called hunger Games is a play where each of the 12 districts of Panem send on tribute of each sex. They have to fight agfainst each other in this huge arena, build by the capitol, til only one is left. When Katniss and Peeta of district 12 are send to the hunger games it starts kind of a revolution.

Now the big queastion is :Why do I not like Katniss? She is described as such an adorable and loyal person, who gives up everything for her loved ones, but I somehoe just can´t stand her. I have to say that this dislike wasn´t there until the last book. But, really? She is always difficult to handle and I am sorry to say that a bit egoistic. The way she treats Gale and Peeta ( they love her) is horrible. It´s like a mind game an dI feel so sorry for them. Sometimes I am hoping that one of them will stop loving her. I tink she would deserve it.

Sorry if I am too mean, but I can´t change it. Sometimes or seldomly you don´t like a person without a real reason. Well I do that, but I hope that I am not the only one...

That was a totally random post


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dummergoldfisch (26.9.12 21:18)
oh yhea i can understand you. in the first book she was too lovely and selflessly. but now it is just not fair how she treats the guys..

(28.9.12 22:06)
thank you
you have a really funny nickname

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