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Scared bunny

On Friday I have done something that I have never done before and it was porbably the most bravest thing I have done last week. As I introduced this website I have told about those challenges I want to make, so I decided that this is going to be my first.

Unfortunately it´s pretty non exciting at all except for me, but hey there may ( and I hope so) be other people who think of this with the same fear that I had.

I could easily lie to you and say that I was bungee jumping or something else that is more dangerous then that what I did. Although pretty much everything seems to be more dangerous. Wll without further a do I tell you now: I drove illegaly with the train. Don´t be too shocked!  (That´s ironic)

I know it sounds very weak and you are probaly thinking "That´s not a challenge", but I am not that kind of person who does that just so. I am thinking that all those workers from the train company are paid by me and if twenty people don´t pay then they might get a worse salary. That´s the same reason why I don´t do shoplifting. Of course it seems to be easy and surely no one will notice if there is a chewing gum missing, but if fifty people steal something the owner of the shop might get a problem.

I don´t want to preach, but I couldn´t help throwing that out there.





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